How my careers advisor said no to work with horses

Looking to work with horses?

A quick tale…

When I was 17 I entered the career’s office at school and sat down for my mandatory discussion on the life, the universe and everything.

“What do you want to do as a career?” asked the suited and rather bored looking blokey in front of me.

Me – no hesitations. “I want to work with horses.”

Suity bloke looks at the paper in front of him, then stares at me in amazement.

“Don’t be silly, you’re doing 4 A’ levels. What else do you want to do?”

Great advice to a young and impressionable teenager, who at that time was lacking in confidence.

Long story short – I went to University to study Architecture. I lasted a term, hated it, left, came home and trained for a career with horses. And I still work with horses today, although not in a hands on mucking out capacity (apparently that’s now my hobby with my own horses cos I love mucking out soooo much).

Let’s pretend I’m your careers officer and you’ve just told me you want to work with horses. I’m going to give you good advice here so listen up.

It’s tough work. It’s unsociable and long hours, it’s physically demanding, mentally you’ve got to be on top of your game all the time, and sometimes it’s really cold and wet. I mean I’ve got wet to my underwear so many times I just couldn’t count.

BUT – if you want to work with horses, it’s a calling and nothing will put you off. So put the work in and give yourself the best chance of having a fulfilling career.

How do you do that?


Start with the basics and get on as many courses as you can. Get those pieces of paper in your portfolio that prove you know what you are talking about.

Next get the experience. Take what you are learning on paper and put it into practice.



And when times get tough, don’t quit. And they will get tough. You will run out of dry underwear for sure.
Start that journey here. Get the basics and the rest will fall into place – and buy extra underwear before you get going.

Take care



14th January 2016

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