Learn2horse Diplomas

Everyone should be recognised for hard work, so here at Learn2horse we offer several Diplomas – completely free of charge!

How do I receive a free L2H Diploma?

When you have completed the necessary courses that are the building blocks of each Diploma we will send you a certificate in the post (UK only – international students will receive an email certificate).

All you have to do is notify us when you think you have passed all the courses outlined on each individual Diploma page. We will then verify and send your Diploma direct to your door.

Diplomas in horse care

What level Diploma can I achieve?

We currently have level 1 in place and will be adding level 2 and 3 in time.

Level 1 is similar to the theory required for the British Horse Society Stage 1 and is an excellent way to work towards this exam.

Why don’t you charge for the Diploma certificates?

The Diploma certificates are intended as a big thank you for our loyal and consistent learners. They also help you realise how much you have achieved – a virtual pat-on-the-back!