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Are you looking for online horse courses?

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Are there some aspects of your relationship with your horse that you struggle with, and need to know more about, in order to progress and improve? Perhaps you are just starting out and need help learning how to care for your horse safely and effectively. Or maybe you struggle getting to grasp with specific issues, such as shoeing or bitting.

Online horse courses - short and straightforward

Whatever help you need with your equestrian knowledge, Learn2horse can help. With our range of exciting new online horse courses, you will find not only practical but relevant and affordable, horse courses, covering every equine topic that is important to you.

One subject at a time with our horse courses

Every unit is chunk sized, so you can choose to study just one small subject at a time. Eventually, these bite-size topics will build up into a portfolio of extensive knowledge that you can use for your own development with horses, or to help you progress within your equestrian career. Flexible, convenient and not expensive - the beauty of our online horse courses.

Study online at your pace

Sometimes you can be over faced with too much information in one go, so here at Learn2Horse, we have stripped it right back. Perfect one area at a time before you move on to another aspect; in this way, you can really hold onto your new found knowledge and put it to use in the real world.

Achieve that warm glow of satisfaction not only in a job well done (and a certificate to prove it!), but knowing you have retained the understanding of your individual subject.

Climb the ladder of success with Learn2horse's online courses!

Try it the Learn2Horse way, and climb the ladder just one small step at a time. When you reach the top you will appreciate the view all the more.

Prepare for all equestrian exams with Learn2Horse, or achieve certification per unit. Build up your knowledge base for all industry exams at your own pace.

What is Learn2Horse?

Learn2Horse is an educational centre, offering online horses courses covering all aspects of equestrianism. The primary delivery is via distance learning, with an option to study practical sessions at the yard in North Wales.

What is Learn2Horse's mission statement?

Here at Learn2Horse our mission is to make online equine learning "accessible to all". We aim to offer a series of inexpensive short courses and units, that can be built up over time to provide the knowledge for all the various equestrian qualifications available.

How does this benefit you, our students?

When you sign up for an online horse course from Learn2Horse, you study at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, around your current commitments. You choose how and when you study.

The courses are short and straightforward, allowing you to master one subject at a time, of your choosing. So there are no huge upfront costs and you will never be bombarded with an overload of information.

How are the online horse courses delivered?

Each unit is written to be delivered over a four week period, and you learn through a variety of methods. If you like to watch videos, you will find detailed presentations, as well as videos of practical tasks where applicable. For each lesson, you will also find a transcript that you can read at your leisure.

To develop your understanding we include several worksheets per unit; these are fun to do and aimed at reinforcing what you have learnt from the presentations and transcripts.

How are the online horse courses assessed?

Depending on which course you are following, our online horse courses are assessed via a range of methods, including online quizzes, videos, witness testimonies, assignments, and projects. Students have up to a year to complete the assessments, although are encouraged to take the assessment as soon as possible after the course has ended.

How are the courses supported?

Support is available via email and Skype calls, and there will also be options to undertake practical study sessions (although these will not be compulsory). Each course has a forum attached to it, so you can go and chat with fellow students and instructors, and ask anything you want! There is also a Facebook support page, as well as a regular Facebook page.

Who runs Learn2Horse?

The courses are headed by Chrissie Mayes, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. She is educated to Masters Degree level in Equine Science, has a PGCE in teaching, and is an assessor and internal verifier. She is also a practicing BHSAI and coaches to county level.  She has lectured at HE and FE colleges, as well as developing and delivering various equine courses.

She has helped students of all levels achieve their equestrian qualifications, and hopes to do the same for many more to come, including you!

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